Prebought physically: MK 5000
Prebought digitally: MK 5200
Bought in the door at the festival site: MK 6000

Where to buy


Contact us for tickets, through our Contact page, or through e-mail: nkhotakotafestival[at]gmail[dot]com (exchange [at] with: @, and [dot] with a punctuation mark: .).


You can buy tickets in our offices in Nkhotakota, at Kiboko Town Hotel in Central Lilongwe (close to the Game) as well as at Music Crossroads Malawi in Lilongwe.

Our offices in Nkhotakota are at the Nkhotakota Youth Organization, near the boma of Nkhotakota. Google map link: Directions can be found on our Practical Info page.

Music Crossroads Malawi is situated in Majiga, Area 23, Lilongwe. Approximate map can be found by following this link:

Kiboko Town Hotel is found in central Lilongwe, close to the Game. Web page: