Practical Info


Nkhotakota Music Festival 2020 will be happening at the premises of Nkhotakota Youth Organization (also known as Cultural Center) in the Nkhotakota boma. Here is a link to the coordinates on Google Maps:

From the main junction between roads M18 and M5 (by the Puma filling station), you can walk along the extension of M18, and you will find Nkhotakota Youth Organization about 300 m down the road, on the right hand side.

How to get there

From Lilongwe

From Lilongwe, the most common way to get to Nkhotakota is by the local minibuses, departing from Salima turnoff. You can get to Salima turnoff by taking a minibus towards Area 25. At the turnoff, you change to one of the buses going to Salima or Nkhotakota. Even though the conductors say they’ll go directly to Nkhotakota, you might still have to change minibus in Salima. The trip from Salima turnoff to Nkhotakota boma (bus depot) by minibus takes between 3-5 hours approximately, and costs around 5000 MWK. Often the conductors will escort you to the minibus you need to take when changing in Salima.

There are also bigger buses available. You can find them at the Main Bus Depot in area 2.

If you drive the distance yourself, you will normally get from Lilongwe to Nkhotakota in about 3 hours.

It’s mostly advised to travel in daylight.

Ilala Ferry (from Nkhata Bay and Monkey Bay)

You can take the Ilala Ferry to Nkhotakota. The Nkhotakota Harbour is quite close to the boma, and is just close to the lodges Sitima inn and Arnold’s Lake Side Resort.

More info about the ferry, incl. departure times, can be found here:

In Nkhotakota

Where to stay?

Nkhotakota is situated by the shore of Lake Malawi, which means you can enjoy a swim in the lake while you’re here. There are several lodges where you can live by the beach, and they are situated about 30 minutes by car outside the boma (the town center). There are also many lodges situated closer to the festival site, where you can easily get to the festival by foot. It is also easy to take a motorbike to the beach for a day trip if you stay in the boma.

Find a place to stay on our page about Accommodation in Nkhotakota!

Getting around

Once you get into the boma (center), you can easily get around by using the local dumpers (taxi bikes), motorbike taxis, regular taxis or just use your feet.